Monday, January 25, 2010

Holiday in Brisbane Australia

I love going on a vacation and I need time to earn enough money to do so. At the moment I found this site info on Brisbane Australia. I visited this site and it is user friendly with pictures of tourists destinations. I know that most people would like to see what's available there and what's the fun is going there.

Some people will like to know if there is a night life in Brisbane, yeah there unlike in Melbourne I find it there is no night life at all. I am sure you want to know where to go in the night, where's the club, lounge, bar that is suitable for you.

I love to read more on things to do in Brisbane, if I am going to Brisbane for sure I find this handy and useful for me. I know you will be looking for the hotels that are within your budget. I also like to know about the dining and sightseeing there. It is everything about Brisbane Australia if you visit this site.

I think if you have planned to get together with your loved ones, I would suggest going on a holiday. This is good memory for everyone, I am sure you will be busy to take photos with your camera too.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Striped Fashion

I find that striped is getting a heat here, so many people looking for striped clothes. I have some prelove and some is swapped with another girl. I am happy with what I have swapped. Recently I swapped for clothing with bags.

Lately I even swapped my preloved boots for bags! Above you are looking at red striped skirt! It is so pretty and I wore it just for few times. Even though I can still fit in but the style is not for me any more.

Monday, January 4, 2010

I want more info on Langkawi

I need to find out more info on Langkawi as I plan on going there for holiday this year. Anyway need time to do research online so will update to you if I know anything.

There will be free tickets again from AirAsia website? I don't know when that will be let's stick around to find out.

I prefer taking planes than buses, it is faster to reach and more comfortable. Do you agree with me?

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