It's exciting as I am happy share with you about my journey to Legoland Malaysia Resort, you can see the upcoming November's LEGO NINJAGO: The Ride, kids sure love these ride by click on the link. LEGO NINJAGO: The Ride is under construction now, this new ride coming soon this November just nice for school holidays, parents can make plan with their loved ones now.

My first time to stay at Legoland Hotel, awesome hotel as I stay at the Adventure room. I will write soon about the hotel room. Stay tune. There's a treasure in the room for you to bring home, just some questions to answer correctly its in the room and you can find it on the desk the paper. Good luck with that!

Loving to Lego I bought some Lego toys for my sons, both of them like Lego and they have not been to Legoland Malaysia. I bought the Scooby Doo : The Mystery Machine set and Lego City: Airport toy for son. Both suitable for their age.

I like to watch cartoon of Scooby Doo and glad that my sons also like the cartoon. Love the mystery machine so cool and fun and my son has nonstop playing it. My Sean has help his little brother to build the Lego and both also together sitting to play together. They helped each other, its good they willing to help each other and spend childhood time together. Priceless brotherhood.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Lost World Hotel Sunway City Ipoh

Good evening, it's beautiful Saturday here.
Everyone's having a nap.
Early this week I went for media trip.
The hotel I stayed is Lost World Hotel Sunway Tambun, you can click on the link to read about it. 

If you wonder where I got this bag from, it's XES Signature bag and my sandals are XES sandals. XES has wide range of bags and shoes for ladies and men even for children.

I am happy to be invited for the media trip as we go to Lost World Hot Spring of Sunway. Do stay tune on my blog namesherry for more details.

I love Ipoh as I was study there for 5 and half years during secondary time. SMJK Poi Lam was my school finished my SPM there before moving back to Selangor.

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