Friday, May 29, 2009

Zoo Negara in Malaysia

Zoo Negara in Malaysia is where you need to go if you are going to Malaysia. Look out for the Animals in the zoo and I want to go there again. I was there so long again it was my childhood and I still have a bit memory of that.

There is a guide on route to Zoo Negara, I have seen the map. I can tell you that the tickets price are reasonable!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Have you been to China?

I have not been to China but my parents have been there before, they told me that they need to walk a lot. It is true because on my dad second trip there he went with my sis and they too need to walk a lot. I think it is depend on the package that they are interested.

As my sister perfer to see sightseeing so their package will be the one that they need to walk a lot. They like the weather there and they have been to the dinasaur park too! The bones are huge!

Earlier I posted about my sis not going to the holiday trip so I am thinking of changing her air ticket name to another person. Now with prompt reply from AirAsia it is true that I cannot change her air ticket name.

Dear Guest

Thank you for your email.

Changes of name will depend on the fare that you've booked on. The fare that you had booked for is categorized under promotion fare, so name change is not allowed. However, we can divide the guest name and make flight change instead. Changes on your flight date and time have to be done outside 48 hours prior the scheduled departure of your flight with a change fee per sector per guest and fare difference. Please call our Call Centre at 60321719222 or 60321719333 , open daily from 8am to 9pm (Malaysia time +8 GMT) for further assistance. Hope the explanation helps.



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