Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lion City Hotel

During my stay in Singapore in November, we stay at the Lion City Hotel. It was a budget hotel the receptionist is not very friendly. I like the Chinese restaurant near the front desk, the staff is friendly.

My visit to Singapore I visited the Universal Studio Singapore. I almost buy a plus size dress for myself but it cost $26 Sing dollar which is expensive for me. I manage grab the chiffon dress online which is MYR$50 but I need to pay for alter which cost MYR$20.

Now talking about hotels I do recommend you to stay the Lion City Hotel, take your time to browse the area because there is hawker centre nearby that you need to check on. I only know it on the last day and we had dinner nearby the hotel.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Plan to go Singapore

I have not been to Singapore it is going to be my first time if everything is confirms. I am going with my dad and loved one so this trip is going to be my first for me and my son. Well life is short cherish the moment with loved one.

Today visit to my mom at nursing home, she has many teeth pluck and few more to go. She has serious of tooth decay, I am not kidding I feel so sorry for her. I love my mom and there is no replacement for her. I also love my mom-in-law and everyone in the family.

We always have time you just need to plan it all out.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

No vacation for me

I am trying my luck in offline magazine contest saw some fabulous prizes on hotel stay. I hope I am lucky to win the contest from the magazine. I remember I won a contest before and I was lucky to be one of the winners to stay at Genting Highland Hotel, Malaysia.

Sad to say that I cannot make it to the reservation I book and I cannot change the date. Thanks to the interviewer that scams me, I started working on April that year and it ruined not just my vacation but my work too.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New hotel at Subang Jaya

If you are looking for new hotel check out the Empire Hotel at Subang Jaya. It is nearby the Subang Parade shopping mall, Carrefour shopping mall and next to Empire Hotel itself has the Empire Shopping Gallery.

It is not far away from the Sunway Pyramid shopping mall. If you want to go shopping this place has many shopping malls.

I am not going to shop often here because I don't have enough money. You want to find budget hotel check out the Sun Inn hotels, it is shoplot type of hotels I see there is Sun Inn HOtel also at IOI Puchong are.

I know if I am going places I want to know where to stay and where to eat plus shop. Many shopping mall in Selangor and I just name above a few.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Something to Live By

Today blog review is Something to Live By, you can find this blog belongs to mommy blogger Melandria. This blog is page rank two and using three columns template you can find many beautiful pictures share by Melandria.

I like to eat and I find this site with many info about foods. You can find many pictures and types of food available. If you are in the Philippines I am sure you like to know where to dine for delicious food.

You can find many interesting categories to read at this blog, don't just read here click above link to find out.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wonderful World of Peachy

Today blog review is Wonderful World of Peachy, this blog is belongs to Melandria. This blog is all about her little girl Peachy, you can see many pictures of her at her blog. It is wonderful blog you get to know more about Peachy and her mom.

This blog is not only about Peachy you can also see pictures of Melandria on the blog. The tagged baby is Peachy she is precious to Melandria. The blog is using three columns template, the blog is easy to browse and user friendly. To find out more about Wonderful World of Peachy just click on above link.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Red Hot Reviews

Today blog review is My Red Hot Reviews, this blog belongs to Red she is stay home mom now. You can find many website reviews from this blog, the blog is using three columns template and it is easy to browse.

I like this site red hot review just look at the banner which is red hot flame just like the header. From this blog I get to know more about Red that February is a special month for her and people she loves.

If you have Adgitize and Entrecard don't forget to drop them at this blog. My Red Hot Reviews now with 28 followers on the blog. Don't just read here to find out more just click on above link or banner below.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Many hotels at Cameron Highlands

I can tell you that they are many hotels at Cameron Highlands, I spotted the Hotel Titiwangsa it is very far away from the night market. My dad's friend living in Cameron Highlands but we not able to go I hope next trip my dad goes along so we can visit them. The photo is taken by my dear, he is using digital camera of Canon ES05. My dad's friend living at Tringkap but we only stay at Brinchang which mean we need to go further only can reach there.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Malaysia Airlines: Manila-Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia Airlines now flies twice daily to Kuala Lumpur! Departing Manila for Kuala Lumpur at 1505 and 1830 daily

Schedule below:
Manila - Kuala Lumpur
MH 705: 1505 1840
MH 803: 1830 2205


Manila - KL= USD 161 (roundtrip)
*Minimum of 2 pax traveling together
*Booking and Travel until July 31, 2010

Book your flights now from your trusted travel agent or Malaysia Airlines Ticketing/Reservations Office!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I want a holiday

I want to go for a holiday, if the plan goes well I might be going for the mini holiday. Domestic holiday is best choice, I mean Malaysia. I told my friends about the hotel I found online now just waiting them to see if they prefer this hotel or not. I like the environment of the hotel which I found online, they are also inclusive of breakfast and dinner.

But I find them prefer to go out for dinner, I told them dinner is included but they keep saying the restaurant they know need booking for dinner. I don't think they have think about we need to find parking for the car and booking for dinner need to be early.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Follower Freebie!

Check out this giveaway at my other blog now.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Free eyebrow trimming from Shu Uemura

I just find out about this Free eyebrow trimming from Shu Uemura from Paris B, hehe.. I am following her twitter and that's how I know it.

Which available nearest for me is Empire Shopping gallery on 17 July and 18 July but need to call for appointment @03-5631 5826.

It is going to be done by the expert Lisa Yap.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

3 July@Sunway Pyramid

On 3 July, I supposed to have a holiday trip but it was cancel and I am very sad. So I don't know the plan for 3 July. I saw the magazine that there is makeover there but need to pay MYR$30 first but I am not sure if I am going there or not. :(

Last minute decision of mine but I hope I can make it. So watch out this blog name sherry for more detail.

I send an email to them to ask about the room rate, so below detail for me.

Dear Ms Sherry,

Warm greeting from Hotel Titiwangsa, thanks for choosing to book at our

We are pleased to CONFIRM this reservation as below:
Check-in date :03 July 2010
Check-out date :04 July 2010
Total stay : Two days one night

Family Deluxe (2 king size beds / 1 king 2 single beds) – RM 268.00 Nett
per room per night
Super Deluxe (1 king 3 single beds / 2 king 1 single beds) – RM 323.00
Nett per room per night
Family Connecting (2 king 3 single beds / 3 king 1 single beds) – RM
453.00 Nett per room per night

Inclusive of : Breakfast and Steamboat Dinner for 4/5/7 pax (according to
room types)

REMARK: Please provide us your mobile number for future contact.

* Breakfast is complimentary and serves according to room type.
** Our steamboat meal will serve according to room type, plus there will
be various kind of all-you-can eat vegetables.

Extra mattress with breakfast only : RM 25.00 Nett per mattress
Extra mattress with breakfast and dinner : RM 40.00 Nett per mattress
Extra bed with breakfast only : RM 40.00 Nett per bed
Extra bed with breakfast and dinner : RM 55.00 Nett per bed
*** Extra mattress / bed cannot be added in standard room.

Pre-payment via Bank-in:
- To secure booking, full payment to be made into Maybank account:
5060-4311-7009 (payable to Hotel Titiwangsa Sdn Bhd).
- Bank-in slip to be fax / email to us with guest’s check-in detail,
original copy of bank-in slip to be presented upon arrival.

Cancellation Policy:
- Pre-payment via bank-in is not refundable.
- Cancellation made within three (03) days prior arrival, pre-payment
forfeited; full payment of first night will be charged from guest’s credit
- Any cancellation made before three (03) days prior arrival, postpone to
another date can be made. Postpone to another date is subject to room

Check-in and Check-out Time:
Please note that our check-in time is 3:00pm onward, while check-out time
is 12:00noon SHARP. Early check-in is subject to room availability;
charges of one night rate may apply for late check-out.

*** Contents quoted in this email is information for you kind
consideration, please reply us ASAP if you would like to proceed your

Please do not hesitated to contact us if you have further enquires. We are
looking forward to serve you again in the coming future.

Thanks & Regards,
Hotel Titiwangsa Sdn. Bhd.
CHEH (Ms.)
Tel: 05-4901188 / 189
Fax: 05-4901186

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Handmade Jewelry by S in Malaysia

Yeah this is another one of jewellery I made. I like it so much, it has angel and swarovski pink heart on it. This is wild green ribbon necklace.

Be sure to check out the website of Air Asia for the one million free tickets. The offer ends on Sunday and travel period from 3 Jan to 8 May, 2011.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Kiss Mi

Have time please visit my new blog :D

yeah there is badge exchange too check it out!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Don't see entrecard at blog?

I am sure you are thinking why there is no more Entrecard on the blog. Well I cannot access to my account anymore and I sent emails to support but no reply from them. I even left comment at their blog and still no reply.

Now if you are thinking to go travel or holiday, take a look at Firefly website. So many good deals but not enough money to go on the holiday for me.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jewelry by S

I am working in the night for this beautiful necklace. I love it!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Shop for domains here

Yeah there is some domain available, check out http://www.istarblog.com/wordpress/?p=85

Just click above link to see them.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Matta Fair in Malaysia

My friend purchase a great package to Port Dickson but she not considers that she is pregnant now and will due soon. She has to sell her ticket away as she needs to stay home for two months of confinement.

The ticket she purchases $160 as usual price is $400, its a couple with 2 children stay at the hotel. It is 2 days 1 night stay and she is happy to find her mom's friend to purchase the ticket from her. This way she can be happy to go for her labor.

Have you been to the Matta Fair? My dad was there a few years back as for me I have not been there.

Opps forgot to mention the terms in MYR.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hello Cafe?

This is well known spot in the night, it is Hell Cafe located at SS15 Subang Jaya in Selangor. This is the place where you can listen to live band or singer. I saw one which play guitar before. It was many years back I went there with my former classmates.

With only two of them I think they have more fun chat than me.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Choose the pendants and necklace

Just want to update that Aka WendyPua chooses the below necklace and pendant!

You can see that I have a free ribbon necklace giveaway here!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I love blogging and visit many blogs everyday, Camerasexy is another blog where you can interesting photos. I like the theme on this blog, there is 11 followers on this blog. I love to visit this blog as there are many photography to see and I find that this blog sharing many photos.

Burning calories, one shot a time... is the quotes by the author. I like to visit this blog often to see the photos taken by author. If you like to check on the photos, you need to click on older entries at the blog.

No doubt picture says a thousand word, I seen the pictures and they are pretty. Some pictures are taken with description in the post. There is room improvement for this blog, if author can let visitors view more than one picture in a post that will be great.

If you have Entrecard and Adgitize, you can drop them at this blog. About, Advertise, Disclosure Policy on this blog is not available. I am sure readers will like to know about the about blog author and the advertising fees. If you like to advertise on Camerasexy, you can click on contact to inform the blog owner that you are interested to advertise on the blog.

I am sure you will need a break, if you are thinking where to go for travel and dine. Take a look at this site where the moon shines. I found this site with info on where to dine, the author Vera has share things that she loves.

If you have time take a visit to her site, she has interesting posts on the food and dining. Find out which Chop House Vera likes to visit. If you want to know if Vera is getting married this December be sure to visit her blog often.

Where the moon shines is a three columns template, the blog is user friendly and easy to browse. I like to visit this blog more often, there is a list of categories on the side bar. You can click on the categories that interest you to read. I like to read more on the interesting stuff and health on losing weight. I am sure every woman wants to lose weight and stay healthy.

Vera is blogging almost every day I am sure you will find her posts interesting. Vera loves to read books, Inkheart is one of the story books and novels that she's reading. For more info on whose the author Vera visit her blog and click on Vera who?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Feb 2010 giveaway

I love giveaway so there is one started, just click on banner below to find out.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Holiday in Brisbane Australia

I love going on a vacation and I need time to earn enough money to do so. At the moment I found this site info on Brisbane Australia. I visited this site and it is user friendly with pictures of tourists destinations. I know that most people would like to see what's available there and what's the fun is going there.

Some people will like to know if there is a night life in Brisbane, yeah there unlike in Melbourne I find it there is no night life at all. I am sure you want to know where to go in the night, where's the club, lounge, bar that is suitable for you.

I love to read more on things to do in Brisbane, if I am going to Brisbane for sure I find this handy and useful for me. I know you will be looking for the hotels that are within your budget. I also like to know about the dining and sightseeing there. It is everything about Brisbane Australia if you visit this site.

I think if you have planned to get together with your loved ones, I would suggest going on a holiday. This is good memory for everyone, I am sure you will be busy to take photos with your camera too.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Striped Fashion

I find that striped is getting a heat here, so many people looking for striped clothes. I have some prelove and some is swapped with another girl. I am happy with what I have swapped. Recently I swapped for clothing with bags.

Lately I even swapped my preloved boots for bags! Above you are looking at red striped skirt! It is so pretty and I wore it just for few times. Even though I can still fit in but the style is not for me any more.

Monday, January 4, 2010

I want more info on Langkawi

I need to find out more info on Langkawi as I plan on going there for holiday this year. Anyway need time to do research online so will update to you if I know anything.

There will be free tickets again from AirAsia website? I don't know when that will be let's stick around to find out.

I prefer taking planes than buses, it is faster to reach and more comfortable. Do you agree with me?

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