Thursday, November 15, 2012

Looking for family room@Genting Highlands

I am looking for family room to stay in hotel at Genting Highlands, sad to say that it is fail for us. Yeah you know last minute booking make you having no room to stay. So better off just stay at home, anyway this school holiday every where will be packed with people.

I remember going to Midvalley during the school holiday, on my I waited an hour to find parking. It is tiring and I need to double parking to go restroom. I did inform the guard at the car park floor. I am not sure if I am going to any mall during school holiday. How about you?

Today is the opening day Uniqlo at Sunway Pyramid, sad to say none of us able to get in the shop! So many people queue up and the shop closed it so let others shop first then only they re-open for customer to go inside. Yeah good idea to avoid the crowd shopping at once!

They have 500 free bag for first 500 customers, the rest people if like to get one need to purchase RM200 in the shop.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Think Kuala Selangor this school holiday

Yes being a mom is not easy, i just purchased school uniform for my son, he is going to standard one next year. Thinking of this school holiday where for budget vacation. Well i think of Kuala Selangor, my dear told me he will bring me there ten years ago but until today with two kids no go yet.

Seafood in my mind, the last time i have best seafood it was in roof top of a building carpark in Kuching, Sarawak. It was three years go, memories are fresh in mind. This time cannot afford for that trip so think of budget trip.

Life is short, we always say wait the kids grow up to go together but think of it, when they are older and having peer group they will not go vacation with you. This is what happened to some families. 

Last month is my mom's birthday, to celebrate her birthday I decided to treat her eat at Utara Coffee House at Hotel Armada Petaling Jaya. We arrived there in the afternoon, I love the spacious and comfortable seats at the restaurant. There is variety of food available and my favourite is satay! Even my mom's loves it, she has fake teeth so she only can eat easy to chew food.  
 Some pictures taken using my Samsung S3, yeah I didn't snap all the pictures as I am hungry too.
 Sweet cute pies available at the counter, so many to choose from. I am sure I am going back there again to dine. :D
 It is our first time to dine at Hotel Armada Petaling Jaya, you can find them at facebook/HotelArmadaPJ
 Below picture of my mom, she is so happy that day! We dine for two hours there.. yeah sit and chat too.
Mommy I love you and Happy Birthday to you.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Melaka food and stay

I miss going to Melaka, I have not go there for vacation for many years. I know they are many nice food to eat and I like their chicken ball rice, nyonya food and lut lut satay.

I don't think we are going there for vacation at the moment, seems like everyone so busy. We always giving excuses and money always one of the reasons. One aunt from Malaka telling that why not have another kid. Having kids today cost alot of money, not just their education, they even demand on toys etc!!

I envy some friends that get to enjoy themselves going vacation with their buddies. I have make up my time for myself too like attending event, party, and workshop. If I don't do it now, it would be forever waiting.

I have interest to go vacation for domestic as international would be too costly for me.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Thinking of Melaka

I miss Melaka so much, the first would be the Hotel Equatorial I stayed there few times and love it. I cannot believe it has been ten years and time never waits for people. I want to go Melaka again for the food and stay at other hotel due to budget.

At the moment is hard to go vacation because my baby so cranky and crying most of times. I am tired and hope he is good boy when older so we can go vacation. Earlier I survey many hotels but ended up not going any of them because of my baby. We cannot leave baby alone we must go as family. Well I and my eldest son will be going for a charity walk this September my baby cannot go along it is going to be hot and he does not like stroller.

Melaka so many hotels you can search online to see them.

I like going places and today it really shocks me to see the breeding ground of nyamuk aedes, how can anyone not seeing it. It is just under your nose, your home sweet home your lovely kitchen. There is a tray which used to out the basket. The basket is being use to hold the plates and bowls whenever clean to let the water dripped. The basket has holes and water dripped on the tray. I am not in charge of kitchen so I seldom check it. Today evening to my horror, I remove the basket saw many swimming babies of nyamuk aedes. I asked me dear to see it then he says pour it away and clean it then inform his sis not to put the tray there anymore. His sis was asking what's going on, she then came to see and washed it up. I did not like the idea of putting the tray there in the first place, then she says it's mom idea.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Zoo Negara

I miss going to the Zoo, this is Zoo Negara in Kuala Lumpur. I need to wait my youngest son to grow bigger only go because he always want to be carry. He is now eleven month old and my big boy is six year old. Visitors can feed the elephant sugar cane, you will need to purchase from the seller in the Zoo. You can also feed other animals in the Zoo.

We often choose to walk because we can exercise, it is hot day so we always prepare water. There is a fast food restaurant available in the Zoo so you don't need to worry of getting hungry.

I don't see horse in the Zoo anymore during my childhood my dad oftern bring the whole family to Zoo. I remembered seeing horse there, I need to find the photos of my childhood to show you.

Monday, May 21, 2012

1926 Heritage Hotel in Penang

I have not been to Penang for more than 15 years, I hope to go again. The last time I went with my parents when my dad needs to attend meeting in Penang. He drove there and I remember him sleeping on the floor with the blanket, he gives me and mom to sleep on the bed instead.

My dad's best and I hope to go vacation with my parents but they are apart because my mom living in nursing home.

About this 1926 Heritage Hotel in Penang I have not been there. They are having promotion if you visit their website. If you make a search of this hotel online, you may find bad and good review of it. Anyway you need to go stay yourself to find out whether it is good or not. If I am going I will update this blog. :D

I have got two children aged 6 yr old and 11 month old, three adults including myself. :D The have emailed me about their room rate during school break promotion rates starts at RM110 to RM210, instead of normal price RM130 to RM250.

The Standard Triple Room RM140 per night for 3 pax,
A Standard Twin/Double comes with a standard twin/double for 2 pax.
Family Room which have 1 bathroom at RM200 for 5 pax per night

We are still discussing if we are going to Penang this school break my dear needs to arrange his time table.

It is going to be School holiday soon here, now I am sure you like to find out how to win Firmoo glasses. Do click the link to find out, this giveaway ending soon.

I need new sunglasses myself, my one and only sunglasses broken. Holiday season the AirAsia free seating started and I don't have any places to go because my baby still young. It is hard to bring him along, so many stuff to carry and so little time money to spend.

Here to wish you Happy Mother's Day, I have plan to go window shopping at a mall name Midvalley.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Time for vacation...

I want to go vacation badly and I know I need to save money first. I have places that I want to go too bad money is in the way so I end up not going anywhere. Never mind my baby boy still young and not convenient to bring him travel so need wait him older. I hope there is time to go vacation when we have enough money.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Where to stay at Melaka?

I love to go on vacation I have not been staying at Melaka for long time. I found out some nice hotel for family stay. There is Costa Rica Hotel, Hotel Puri, Hotel COurtyard Heeren, Jonker Boutique Hotel, some of them they have provide the family room with two king size bed.

Some they are some mentioned above located at Jonker Street.

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