Thursday, November 15, 2012

Looking for family room@Genting Highlands

I am looking for family room to stay in hotel at Genting Highlands, sad to say that it is fail for us. Yeah you know last minute booking make you having no room to stay. So better off just stay at home, anyway this school holiday every where will be packed with people.

I remember going to Midvalley during the school holiday, on my I waited an hour to find parking. It is tiring and I need to double parking to go restroom. I did inform the guard at the car park floor. I am not sure if I am going to any mall during school holiday. How about you?

Today is the opening day Uniqlo at Sunway Pyramid, sad to say none of us able to get in the shop! So many people queue up and the shop closed it so let others shop first then only they re-open for customer to go inside. Yeah good idea to avoid the crowd shopping at once!

They have 500 free bag for first 500 customers, the rest people if like to get one need to purchase RM200 in the shop.

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