Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hatyai Asia Hotel@Hatyai

My friend Joyce with her mom went vacation at Hatyai. It is a tour trip and she said this is the worst hotel, the room and toilet are not clean. The tour guide told her that the hotel 50 years ago was Five Stars Hotel now is zero star hotel. She said the room is smelly and even though she changed to another room it is the same.

She invited me to join this tour trip but I can't as I need to care for my baby who is still breastfeeding. She went for this trip on 30 September 2011 for 3N/4D. Even thought she has her worst stay but she had great time shopping for bags, slippers and snack.

It is fun for me to go ANCASA ALLSUITES RESORT & SPA at Port Dickson. I have been visiting Port Dickson many times and it is my first time to stay there. It was fun my son loves the place and even my dad. The apartment has two rooms and each room having two single beds. Don't worry the master bedroom the single beds can push together, there is a bathroom attached in master bedroom.

My dear book the hotel on the phone, this vacation was last year December 2010. I love the environment the only problem is finding parking space at the area. There is not much of parking space and we parked the car outside. The accommodation comes with breakfast it is buffet style and my dad loves to eat the nasi lemak and drink the coffee. I think there is not much choice for children to eat; my son only loves to eat the sausage there. The breakfast is serve at Saffron Brasserie.

The beach is nearby the resort we head there and my son loves to play the sand and water. There is swimming pool available but too many people so we not join in the fun.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Friday: 28 Jan 2011

1. Up and away.

2. Joyful moment going around.

3. Coats and scarves, mittens and boots: shoes and socks.

4. I want my back to get a nice back rub.

5. I'm thinking about weekend dinner at Shogun.

6. The new makeover will be name Sherry and its done.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to get idea where to have dinner, tomorrow my plans include the car for first service and Sunday, I want to rest at home!

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