Saturday, February 21, 2009

You are not welcome

Have you been to the island Langkawi in Malaysia? It is a beautiful place, I was there more than 15 years ago for holiday. I remembered this trip with dad and his colleagues. My mom was not around at that moment.

My friend has told me that her sister-in-law has invited her family to go for the trip. But there is terms and conditions. She cannot bring along her sister-in-law. This is because it is a private invitation that involved the immediate family. Her sister-in-law is not part of it because some family member does not know her and do not feel comfortable with her around.

This is sad because this can be her first family trip to Langkawi. Her hubby knows that his sister is not allow to go so he decided not to go as well. I think this is to avoid her going back telling her parents and others about this matter. She cannot go for this holiday, she will spread this news to everyone else.

That is why bad news spread faster than good news. To avoid this from happening, my friend cannot tell her about this matter that she is not invited to the trip. Her sister-in-law is looking forward to go thinking that she can tag along.


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