Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Plus size shopping

I am uk size 14 and I found some clothes that I like from this blog.

Black - shown with inner shirt

Azura Blooms Maxi dress
SIZE : Free : UK12 to UK22 / L to 5XL (this maxi cutting is big so better recommended for larger sizes)
Measurements : Bust - Max 5inches, Waist - Max 44inches, Hips - Max 50inches, Length - 32inches
Material : Good quality thick and soft cotton, fully adjustable shoulder straps, fully smocked behind, ribbon tie back at the waist, goegeous prints and colours
Colours :
Blue - Available
Brown - Available
Black - Available

Belted safari minidress V2
SIZE : Free : UK10 to UK18 / M to 3XL
Measurements : Bust - Max 46inches, Waist - Max 46inches, Hips - Max 58inches, Length - 32inches
Material : Good quality cotton knit, adjustable belt, same cutting and colours as previous safari minidress except this one comes with attached belt, comes with 2 front pockets
Colours :

White - Sold 1pcs, Available 2pcs
Grey - sold 2pcs, Available 1pcs
Brown - Sold 3pcs - ALL SOLD OUT
(Believe me I would normally take in more stocks but supplier have ran out of stocks only left with 3pcs each colour so fast grab them babes!!!)

Black Blue / Cream / Black

English rose maxi dress
SIZE : Free : UK10 to UK20 / M to 4XL
Measurements : Bust - Max 48inches, Waist - Max 45inches, Hips - Max 58inches, Length - 52inches from bust / 55inches from strap
Material : High quality and good workmanship maxi dress, good chiffon material, smocked bust all around, adjustable corset straps, adjustable shoulder straps, full inner lining sewn in
Colours :
Blue - Sold 3pcs + 5pcs - ALL SOLD OUT
Cream - Sold 3pcs + 5pcs - ALL SOLD OUT
Black - Sold 3pcs + 5pcs - ALL SOLD OUT
Restocked 03.12.09!!!
Blue - Sold 4pcs, Available 1pcs

Orange / Green / Blue

Magnolia Blooms Maxi Dress
SIZE : Free : UK10 to UK20 / M to 4XL
Measurements : Bust - Max 48inches, Waist - Max 44inches, Hips - Max 55inches, Length - 47inches from bust / 50inches from strap
Material : Basic printed cotton with sewn in half lining, adjustable straps, fully smocked bust all around, smae cutting as previous summer holiday maxi dress
Colours :
Orange - Sold 3pcs, Available 2pcs
Green - Reserved 2pcs, Available 2pcs
Blue - Sold 2pcs, Reserved 2pcs, Available 1pcs

Brown / Red / Blue

Layered Dolly tube dress
SIZE : Free : UK8 to UK22 / S to 5XL
Measurements : Bust - Max 49inches, Waist - Max 47inches, Hips - Max 60inches, Length - 33inches from bust / 36inches from strap
Material : Good quality printed and non printed cotton layered, can be worn tube style or halter style
Colours :

Brown - Sold 3pcs, Reserved 2pcs - ALL SOLD OUT
Red- Sold 4pcs, Available 1pcs


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