Sunday, February 21, 2010


I love blogging and visit many blogs everyday, Camerasexy is another blog where you can interesting photos. I like the theme on this blog, there is 11 followers on this blog. I love to visit this blog as there are many photography to see and I find that this blog sharing many photos.

Burning calories, one shot a time... is the quotes by the author. I like to visit this blog often to see the photos taken by author. If you like to check on the photos, you need to click on older entries at the blog.

No doubt picture says a thousand word, I seen the pictures and they are pretty. Some pictures are taken with description in the post. There is room improvement for this blog, if author can let visitors view more than one picture in a post that will be great.

If you have Entrecard and Adgitize, you can drop them at this blog. About, Advertise, Disclosure Policy on this blog is not available. I am sure readers will like to know about the about blog author and the advertising fees. If you like to advertise on Camerasexy, you can click on contact to inform the blog owner that you are interested to advertise on the blog.


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