Sunday, February 21, 2010

Where the moon shines

I am sure you will need a break, if you are thinking where to go for travel and dine. Take a look at this site where the moon shines. I found this site with info on where to dine, the author Vera has share things that she loves.

If you have time take a visit to her site, she has interesting posts on the food and dining. Find out which Chop House Vera likes to visit. If you want to know if Vera is getting married this December be sure to visit her blog often.

Where the moon shines is a three columns template, the blog is user friendly and easy to browse. I like to visit this blog more often, there is a list of categories on the side bar. You can click on the categories that interest you to read. I like to read more on the interesting stuff and health on losing weight. I am sure every woman wants to lose weight and stay healthy.

Vera is blogging almost every day I am sure you will find her posts interesting. Vera loves to read books, Inkheart is one of the story books and novels that she's reading. For more info on whose the author Vera visit her blog and click on Vera who?


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