Monday, May 21, 2012

1926 Heritage Hotel in Penang

I have not been to Penang for more than 15 years, I hope to go again. The last time I went with my parents when my dad needs to attend meeting in Penang. He drove there and I remember him sleeping on the floor with the blanket, he gives me and mom to sleep on the bed instead.

My dad's best and I hope to go vacation with my parents but they are apart because my mom living in nursing home.

About this 1926 Heritage Hotel in Penang I have not been there. They are having promotion if you visit their website. If you make a search of this hotel online, you may find bad and good review of it. Anyway you need to go stay yourself to find out whether it is good or not. If I am going I will update this blog. :D

I have got two children aged 6 yr old and 11 month old, three adults including myself. :D The have emailed me about their room rate during school break promotion rates starts at RM110 to RM210, instead of normal price RM130 to RM250.

The Standard Triple Room RM140 per night for 3 pax,
A Standard Twin/Double comes with a standard twin/double for 2 pax.
Family Room which have 1 bathroom at RM200 for 5 pax per night

We are still discussing if we are going to Penang this school break my dear needs to arrange his time table.


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