Monday, July 30, 2012

Check for nyamuk aedes

I like going places and today it really shocks me to see the breeding ground of nyamuk aedes, how can anyone not seeing it. It is just under your nose, your home sweet home your lovely kitchen. There is a tray which used to out the basket. The basket is being use to hold the plates and bowls whenever clean to let the water dripped. The basket has holes and water dripped on the tray. I am not in charge of kitchen so I seldom check it. Today evening to my horror, I remove the basket saw many swimming babies of nyamuk aedes. I asked me dear to see it then he says pour it away and clean it then inform his sis not to put the tray there anymore. His sis was asking what's going on, she then came to see and washed it up. I did not like the idea of putting the tray there in the first place, then she says it's mom idea.


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