Saturday, November 7, 2009

Get more points with CIMB bank

There is CIMB Bank at One Utama, where you can plan games and it is all free. My friend and me got a free makeover from Clarin counter. I have got a free temporary tatoo on my left hand and my friend got it at her right arm.

CIMB Bank if you use their service you can earn points from credit card, loans and anything which related to CIMB Bank. It is good but I don't have any credit card with them, I am not earning much so my earning is getting less. All I can do is watch other people signed up on the spot.

I got a won a Prize on the spot it is Q&A and I bring the brochure of CIMB and I get the goodie of CIMB multipurpose thing. It like a box but without cover!

I think they are still having it at the shopping mall, you can check out as it is at New Wing near the Sony Shop.


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